Tony Berchmans is brazilian pianist, composer, music producer and great film music lover. He started studying music at the age of 7, having classes of piano, cello, flute and musical theory. He got into music production as keyboardist, composer, arranger and recording technician.

Engineer with a degree in Communications, heโ€™s been working in the audio production business, coordinating, composing and producing sound for radio, tv, cinema, internet in hundreds of commercial projects. Since 1992 he has worked also in brazilian audio production companies focused on the advertising market, working for clients such as GM, Kodak, Microsoft, Telefonica, Johnson&Johnson, Unilever, Procter&Gamble, Volkswagen, Motorola, Intel and dozens of others.

As a musician, he recorded on albums and performed in shows of some creative brazilian artists, such as Celso Pixinga and Pรฉlico. He has produced an downtempo music project called Hi-Pass, created and produced scores for several short movies, among them โ€œO Retrato da Felicidadeโ€, starring Ana Lucia Torres and Wagner Molina, and in 2011 composed the original score for the feature "Amores Imperfeitos" by director Marcio de Lemos.

Having a wide knowledge about film music production backstages, in May 2006, he released his first book โ€œThe Movieโ€™s Music - All youโ€™d like to know about film musicโ€, one of the very few books related to the subject written in portuguese.

In 2007, Tony Berchmans was the curator of the โ€œ1st International Film Music Conferenceโ€, a huge event that was joined by important names of film music, such as Ennio Morricone, Gustavo Santaolalla and Antonio Pinto, among several other composers, directors, and special guests connected to film music. The festival took place in Rio de Janeiro, and it was the first of its kind and size in all South America.

Frequently, he presents lectures and workshops about music and sound production in several important cultural and academic brazilian organizations, and joins some film music festival in countries such as Spain and Belgium. He is also post graduate professor of film music in Universidade Anhembi-Morumbi, in Sรฃo Paulo, his hometown.

In 2011 he created his CINEPIANO Tony Berchmans concert, and since than he has been performing more than 150 times around Brazil and in some european events such as NATTJazz (Traditional Jazz festival in Norway), TIFF (Transilvania International Film Festival, in Romania), Wide Skies Film Festival (Hexham, England) and Cinema Museum, in London.

In 2018 started his youtube channel "CINEPIANO Sessions", that presents a series of new arrengements for famous movie songs, with special guests: www.youtube.com/cinepiano